Saturday, February 28, 2009


"Without translation, we would be hopelessly lost to one another, lost to the possible exchange of the hopes and fears that make us all human. The KALIMA Project affirms the centre that connects us all, language and structures we build with it, including our capacity to love," poet, playwrite and translator Aafa Michael Weaver said.

KALMIA is a massive translation undertaking sponsored by
the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH), which plans to translate 100 titles annually into Arabic from classic and modern texts in other languages. Announcing its first list of titles this year, if successful, could be the translational equivalent of the library of Alexandria, or more recently, google's ambitious Alexandria project. It's humbling in its magnitude, and unsurprising then that it is only because of translation to and from Arabic that much of 'western' literature and knowledge has passed through to us today.

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